Apply to become an in-house or friend of Flux startup


Flux welcomes everyone and in general no applications is needed to come and work in the space. However, we do have a programs for startups planning to use the space heavily.

Startups of all sizes and kinds can leverage the Flux space, and the hot seating options from 9 to 20 on business days, for free and no strings attached. We welcome you all 🙂

Startups who have a bigger need to use the space can apply and become part of the in-house startup- program, or the Friend of Flux startups. Startups have different needs and the two programs are designed to help in difference cases. In-house startup program will grant the startups with 24/7 hour access keys to the space, and weekly coaching and bi-weekly gathering of the in-house startups, for more community support! In-hosuse starups also have prioritized room in their use. Friend of Flux startups get 24/7 key to the space, and community events. The instructions for applying can be found from this page. The same form is used to apply for both of the programs, we can then determine which is the most suitable one together.

How to become an inhouse or friend of flux start?

To become an in house-startup, you have to apply! This website has an application (below) that you can fill, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The application process is there to make sure everyone gets a fair assesment and chance. Before applying we recommend reading though the Flux culture and rules.

What is the assessment criteria and what is an ideal startup for the programs?

We look at for example the stage of the startup, the idea the size of the team and how well they fit to the Flux culture. The ideal startup is very early stage, technology related, startup that is looking to spend 1 to 4 months in Flux, and use it as a stepping stone to get bigger. We will then give you tips on where to possibly move next. Using Microsoft tech is not a requirement, but we are happy if you have or are willing to trying it out someday!

What do you commit to?

Startups commit to following the Flux rules Inhouse-startups commit to meeting the inhouse evangelists weekly, where info and tips are exchanged. The evangelists can help, leveraging the big muscles of Microsoft. These are laid back sessions, where the goal is to see where the startup is headed and is there anything the evangelists can help. The inhouse startup also commits to attend the townhall sessions, where the whole inhouse startup community meets bi-weekly to mingle and celebrate successes.

How does the process go?

When we receive an application, we will initially first check if there is room in Flux and is the team fit for us. After this, there will be a short interview to get to know the team better. Then the application will be going through a jury of 5 people, to get fair assessment. If we decide it is a no go this time during anywhere in the process we will be contacting you with a reply and a reason. If we feel like you would fit perfectly somewhere else, we will also provide tips! If a startup is chosen, for one month we can both (Flux and the team) feel if it is a nice fit, and when all goes well, after spending one month in Flux the team will go though the initiation process with sparking showers!

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