Ask a Techie

Do you have a technical conundrum that can only be resolved by a level 60 wizard? Well, we happen to have those at Flux on regular basis! You can stop by at any time between 9AM and 8PM for a quick chat with one of our Flux Techies, but if you want to make sure that your issue is resolved why not book a 1:1 meeting with them?

And don’t be scared! Our Techies, even though casting some weird spells on the keyboards, are very well trained in human interaction and will do their best to pass their knowledge on to you. Our mission is after all to teach and empower you to do great things!

So ask us anything about Microsoft technologies: from Azure services to open source platforms, holographic computing, business intelligence and social listening, to machine learning and to the newest research conducted by Microsoft Research. See how our tech can make you successful.

Schedule time with a Techie