Welcome to Microsoft Flux Makers’ Hub

Makers’ Hub is a unique facility by Flux for makers and doers. Think of it as a library for technology and devices that you can come and try out our 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC machine or borrow one of our IoT kits (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, …) as well as our cool collection of gadgets (Estimote Beacons, Leap Motion, Kinect, Myo, Emotiv, …).

There are two 3D printers, 3D scanner, a laser cutter and a CNC machine available for everybody to use. These devices could be used only at Flux during working hours. You only need to reserve a time with Makers’ Hub contact person and show up at the agreed time. We will provide 3D printer material, just bring your model in .stl format.

If you want to use the laser cutter for cutting purposes, you should have a vector format file like .xps, .pdf and the like. For engraving purposes, the software could accept different image formats as well as .xps. Example file types for engraving include .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. You could use vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Word, Inkscape, Solidworks (DXF, SVG, PDF, etc). During vector cutting, the laser will follow the path defined by the lines.

We have some material for cutting available for free. However, they are mostly for testing purposes and very limited amounts. We recommend you to bring your own material for cutting to engraving purposes. Please make sure to check the Fslaser website to see what materials and supported. It is best to buy the material which are quite flat (without any curves).

Using the Makers’ Hub devices and services are free of charge. The only thing that we expect is that you upload a picture/post in social media or write a blog post about your project using our hashtag #builtinflux. We will make a post in social media when you are using the device in Makers’ Hub as well.

When your files are ready, it is a good idea to download the Retina Engrave software and try out your model in the software. Make sure you can upload the files to the software and the dimensions look fine. You can download the software from here.

Check out our device kits here in this page or stop by at Flux to learn more about what you can borrow. The process is super easy, choose the device kit that you want to try out, contact the Makers’ Hub contact person by email or in person at Flux and show up to get your kit after filling this form. The only thing that we expect is that you will build some prototype within 2 weeks from borrowing the kit and share your project in social media with #builtinflux hashtag. Afterwards, you can extend the time for using the device kit or just bring the kit back to Makers’ Hub.

Available Things

We have a comprehensive list of available devices, gadgets, sensors and anything to connect them together. Check out pictures below for more information about each device. Besides those, we also have:


  • Arduino bluetooth/wifi/cellular shields
  • Jumper wires
  • Power supplies
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Transistors
  • Resistors
  • Relay modules
  • Voltage regulators
  • IR sensor
  • Optical detector
  • Photocell
  • LEDs
  • LED strips
  • Analog to digital converter
  • Pushbuttons
  • Solder iron
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • And more!