Event organizing guide

Hi! So, you want to organize an event at Flux? Awesome!

To make your event at Flux as successful as possible, there are few things you should remember:

 About Flux

  • Microsoft Flux is a Finnish startup community that helps startups succeed by giving them access, among other things, to free network, high tech devices, coaches, networking events, and mentors.

Community space

  • Microsoft Flux is community space – what does that mean? The venue is maintained by the community, for the community. Everyone cleans after themselves, puts the dishes to the dishwasher and cleans the coffee machine together.

What is the role of the staff

  • The Flux staff is there to help and advise. The staff manages the Makers’ hub, handles the in-house startup program and many other things. In case you have any problems you can always ask us for help, and we will do our utmost best to help you. (However, the Flux staff is not your mother, cleaning lady or a waiter.) Everyone cleans after themselves, so that everyone can live a happy, clean life.


Info about the space and how to use it


Flux is located in the second floor of Korkeavuorenkatu 35. We recommend you to make it clear to the attendees of your event that the space is located in the second floor and they’ll need to enter the building through the front door not the courtyard. This video shows nicely how to get to Flux easy: (https://vimeo.com/164232846 ). It is really convenient to use in social media, for example posting to Facebook event. The building also has an elevator, you’ll need to open the elevator for each attendee coming by elevator by pressing the appropriate button on the control panel.

What we ask from you

From the event organizer’s we ask that at the beginning of the event we can hold a small 5 to 10 minutes pitch of Microsoft Flux. This also helps the attendees of the event to get to know where they are, and we can give our warm welcome to the space.

Utilities in the space

The big room has room for round 100+ people, and includes movable chairs. The big room also has two screens, and the space can be arranged in a formation of your choice. Please do however take a picture of how the normal setup is, before moving the chairs. Then you can easily return it to the normal mode after the event.

 The kitchen has two dishwashers, big fridge, a freezer, various types of glasses, forks, knives, spoons, coffee cups, plates, bowls. However to if you want to minimize the amount of dish washing you have to do, you can always bring reusable ones. We prefer you use the in-house dishes – think of mature nature.

During events the Maker’s hub should not be accessed, because of possible safety issues (operating some equipment could be dangerous). However, you can ask a Flux staff person to showcase the devices.

The storage room (the branded door across the Makers` Hub) has very basic cleaning supplies, and they can be pointed out by the Flux staff. These products at your use, so you can clean the counters and other surfaces after the event. The storage bins are located in the courtyard, that can be accessed by the door from the kitchen. Please make sure you empty all the trashcans. You will need a key to get back up, but the key will be provided by Flux staff. We recommend begin mindful of air conditioning, and turning it up if the space feels too hot.

 Checklist before and during the event

 When arriving

  • Find a member of Flux staff
    • They will give you a tour, and go through the essentials of the space.
  • Show around the space to your attendees, if they are confused and/or want a tour.

 Before the event

  • Make note of the normal set up before any change (place should look the same after your event) Remember our rule, the space resets itself every night.
  • Organize the chairs, desks, furniture according to your needs. (first, ask permission for moving the furniture)
  • Prepare all the screens, mics, dishes, serving station etc. Ask for help from the Flux team. Make sure to learn how to operate the devices, as you are responsible for them during the event.
  • Be excited!

Keep doing during the event

  • Dishes to the dishwasher
    • It is up to you do you want the attendees to put the dishes to the dishwasher, or do you want to clean them up after the event. However reminding the attendees during the program of the event about the dishwashers is quite an effective way to reduce the cleaning time for yourself.
  • Cleaning
  • Reserve time for cleaning before the end of the event
  • Refill coffee beans and fill the milk container
  • Have some grand old fun!

At the end of the event

  • Clean up after the event and wipe off beer/drink/alcohol stains – we don’t like sticky surfaces
  • Put the furniture back to their original places
  • Celebrate the success of the event!