Event Booking

Interested in hosting an event at our fun and creative space? Did you know that startups and technology related organizations can hold events at Microsoft Flux for free? Please send us a booking request by using the form below. What we ask in return is that we give a 5-minute intro about Flux at the beginning of your event.

Remember that Flux is an open space, so there are people using the other rooms in the space. We do not host private events and we are primarily looking for events that are beneficial also to the Flux community. Please note that your reservation is only pending. Once we receive your booking, we will go through your requests and reach back with a response as soon as possible. Remember to go through the Flux event organizers guide to learn all the tricks and drills of hosting an event at our premises. Hosting and cleaning duties should naturally be managed by you.

Most of our events happen in two spaces – the Big Room or the Castle. The Big Room can accommodate up to 100 people, and the Castle up to 25. Both rooms are equipped with screens and chairs. There’s also a mic and audio system in the Big Room.

If you agree on the terms and conditions of the event organizing guide, just go ahead and fill in the form below and send us your booking request at Microsoft Flux.

Event Booking
Example: time: 17:00 to 19:30 | Date: 31.09.2017 | Only during Flux working hours
Person or community or ...
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